Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation


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Ah, wouldn’t that be great? A way to shorten our Mondays.

Now if you’re struggling for some motivation this morning, or just in general and would like something to get you going – listening to some music is always a good way to get you going.

But, in my personal opinion, there is nothing like a wake up call from Eric Thomas. My flatmate/best-friend have some banter about this, whenever we start the complaining, we watch Eric Thomas or start quoting him to each other. “Sleep is for the weak”, is probably the most common, haha.

And if it does not motivate you, then I would like to hope that it at least makes you grateful for all the privileges you do have!

This man is an incredible speaker, and I hope you enjoy him as much as I do!

Have a happy Monday!

XO, Bree


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