It’s a big world out there

It’s a big world out there


Get your hiking boots on.

It may be winter but there are still a few things for you to do on your days off from college that aren’t just curling up on the couch and watching Netflix.

So, pick a day, (preferably a dry/ less rainy day), add some layers to your outfit and start exploring your city.

Here are a few suggestions:

Dublin City Bike Tours 

This may sound boring or lame, but it can actually be extremely fun if you go with your mates!


If you don’t like heights, then this probably isn’t for you. But otherwise I would highly recommend this – it’s gas!

Howth Head



Image Credit

Simple, but still fun if you do it with the right person/people – and you’ll feel great afterward, I swear!

Day trails in Wicklow


Image Credit

Again simple, but the Wicklow mountains are beautiful and totally worth a few hours of your time!




Image Credit

So get yourself off the couch, gather a few friends and go on an adventure!

XO, Bree



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