Active where?

Active where?

It’s becoming more and more common, for ladies and gents alike, to wear their gym gear to places other than just the gym. Whether they have actually been to the gym, or are just feeling slightly sporty, or are wearing the active wear purely for the comfort – who will ever know?

But nonetheless, they usually look good and give off the vibe that they are ‘healthy and fit’, whether that is the case or not.

I thought I would give you a few tips on where to buy some stylish active wear that you can wear around town without looking like you’re just wearing your dad’s old T-shirt, the attire people used to tackle the gym in.

AANNDD, on another side note, flourishing yourself in stylish gym gear only serves to boost your confidence to go to the gym! So really, is a bit of online shopping bad for you in any way?


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Some places that sell good quality activewear, with prices that are not ridiculous:

Penneys – Women’s Activewear

Penneys – Men’s Activewear

Penneys can be located in most big shopping centres around Dublin (Dundrum, Blanchardstown, Liffey Valley, Swords Pavillion) and there are TWO in the city centre.

Sportsdirect often has some bargains!

Bershka –  Ladies (I have never tried the leggings myself, but have found a few fun and cool new gym tops.)

And if you feel like treating yourself with some trendy ‘brand name’ outfits, the Nike Outlet stores in Kildare Village and Blanchardstown often have some very good deals and sales on.

So get your shopping on!

XO, Bree



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